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Once a cavity has been discovered, Ideus Family Dental Care offers the choice
of three filling materials:
• Porcelain – better for large cavities in teeth with heavy chewing pressure,
and can match tooth color
• Silver Amalgam – a mix of several metals good for smaller cavities;
an inexpensive option
• Composite resin – durable and tooth-colored; best for small to medium
cavities and moderate chewing pressure

A cavity is a hole left behind after tooth decay destroys part of a tooth.
The cavity in the tooth still contains the bacteria that created it.
Left unchecked, this decay will continue to spread and damage
the tooth. When adding a filling, we clean away the decay inside
the cavity before filling it in.

Fillings prevent bacteria or plaque from building up inside cavities,
which could lead to serious infections. Fillings reinforce the tooth,
to keep it from chipping, cracking, or breaking inward from trauma.
Without a filling, even minor cavities could hinder the health
and function of your teeth.

Restorative Care

Aesthetic prevention of oral diseases Ideus Family Dental Care offers the latest in restorative treatment and technologies to help restore a healthy and beautiful smile.