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Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to serve you and your family. We look forward to meeting you and having your child in for their first visit. During your first visit, you and your child will have the opportunity to become familiar with our office, the staff and our dental practice in general. Our staff takes great pride and effort in making your child’s first visit a positive one.

We encourage parents to accompany their child for the initial visit. This gives parents the opportunity to meet us and address any questions or concerns you might have regarding your child’s oral health. We will review with you our initial findings and our treatment philosophy for children as well.

Our gentle and compassionate approach works best when parents act as a quiet and supportive observer when your child is in the treatment area. It is very important for us and our staff to establish a relationship of trust as early as possible. This trust will be the foundation to build a positive and lasting relationship between your child and their dental provider. This typically leads to better preventive care results at home and a more positive attitude towards dental visits.

Prior to your child’s first visit, they will likely have questions and may ask you about the dentist. We have discovered that its best to tell them the doctor is going to count their teeth and clean them with a special toothbrush. This simple way of explaining their first visit should alleviate any initial fear of the unknown.

As family dentists, our objective is to deliver gentle and compassionate dental care in the safest and most effective way. We look forward to earning that trust and are honored and privileged to have this opportunity to serve you & your family’s dental needs.


Dr. Jeremy Robbins
Dr. Jeff Larkin

There’s not one bad thing to say about Dr. Robbins or his staff. They are simply amazing, comforting, and professional! I’ve never had a better experience with a dentist!


Just like his father in law before him (Mike McBride), Jeremy is the only one I trust my (and my kids’) smile with. Great hygienist staff as well. Could not be more happy with this office!!!


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